London Skyline Pigeon

6 English Idioms Around London

In this video, I took a walk around central London and visited 6 famous locations and share a common English idioms related to each place. Let’s go on a journey to learn English and get a glimpse of the beauty UK capital. 


1. On the road to…

On the way to get someone “On the road to recovery”

2. Making waves 

Disturb a situation by changing things, cause trouble. “He’s making waves in his new job”

3. God forbid

I hope that doesn’t happen. “God forbid anything should happen to him”

4. Build bridges

Make relationships. “Let’s meet up to build bridges and become friends.”

5. Be in the market for something

To be looking for something – usually when you want to buy something. “I’m in the market for a new car. Have you got anything?”

6. End of the line

The conclusion or final outcome. “It was the end of the line for the President”

Were any of these new for you?

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