Bluebells Woodland

Phrasal Verbs & Springtime Vocabulary

Welcome back to another outside English lesson – where I take English learning to the streets and countryside to show you what life is like in the UK while teaching you some useful vocabulary and expressions. Today I headed off to a popular park on the outskirts of London to look at some nature and share some Phrasal Verbs. Hope you enjoy!


Bluebells – Beautiful flowers that grow from bulbs in the springtime

Quintessential – Representing the perfect or a typical example of something

Bulb – An organ of some plants where the stem grows from (like an onion or garlic)

To shoot up – To grow very quickly (plants or humans)

Bloom – (verb / noun) A flower that has fully opened.

Short-lived – Something that doesn’t last for a very long time

Brevity – Brief, short, quick

Bud – An unopened flower

Nip it in the bud – To stop a problem from getting worse while it’s still just a small problem

To cool down – Do something to get less hot

To give off – To emit, produce (eg. give off pollution)

To die back – When the top growth (leaves) of a plant die but the roots under ground stay alive

To make way for – To allow something else to have more room

To clown around – To mess around, to have fun in a silly way

Were any of these new for you?

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