Tracking Wild Deer - Outside English Lesson

I visited Knole Park in Sevenoaks, Kent in search of some wild deer. These deer are completely wild but quite friendly to humans because they have become used to living near them. 

My goal was to show you some beautiful nature near London and also give some new vocabulary and listening practice. I hope you enjoy!


  • Herd – A group of deer, cows, etc.
  • Scruffy, dishevelled – messy and untidy appearance
  • Antlers – The “horns” of deer
  • Tame – Friendly to humans (opposite of “wild”)
  • Indigenous Native (often used for animals, plants, and people)
  • Stag / buck – Male deer (depending on the species)
  • Doe / hind – Female deer
  • Calf / fawn / kid – Baby deer
  • Number + strong (eg. a group of deer 100-strong) – At least that number
  • Droppings – Animal poop!

Were any of these new for you?

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