Thought, though, through...

These words are commonly confused in the English language – partly because their pronunciation is so similar and yet the rules don’t make much sense. Also, the meanings can be confused. So today I’m going to do my best to simplify it can practice the meaning and pronunciation with you.



The past tense of “think” or the noun

I just had a great thought!

That’s an interesting thought.

I thought we should at least try it.



Despite, even if, however (similar to “but”)

I love pizza, though it’s not good for me.

I want to go. It’s raining though.

You can go. Though you should be careful.



Moving in one side and out the other side (preposition)

Let’s walk through the park.

The car sped through the tunnel.

The bullet went through the glass.

Did you learn anything new today? Feel free to practice these in the comments!

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