Exploring London's Hyde Park - Outside English Lesson

Join me on a trip around London’s Hyde Park, exploring the beautiful area while getting some listening and vocabulary practice. Hyde Park is one of the largest parks in London and is right in the centre, so it’s a perfect place to go when the city gets a bit too much for you. I was actually quite exhausted while filming this, so I hope it doesn’t come across too much and you can learn something new here.

Vocabulary from the Video

  • Bustling – A place that’s full of activity
  • Frantic – in a hurried and disorganised way
  • To grease up – to put oil on something
  • To roast – to be really hot
  • To dissolve – to disperse, dissipate
  • To get on top of you – to become overwhelming
  • To bask – to spend time in the heat or sun
  • Kick back and relax – To rest and relax
  • To waddle – to walk while swaying side to side like a penguin
  • Idyllic – Peaceful, picturesque
  • Leisurely – In an unhurried way
  • To perch – to rest on somewhere high and narrow
  • To marvel at – To appreciate the beauty of something
  • Far-flung – Distant, isolated
  • Muffled – difficult to hear because of some obstruction
  • Silhouette – When the sun causes an object to appear black

Can you use these words in your own sentences and leave a comment?

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  1. Thank you Michael for this amazing trip in London’s Hyde Park. I hope to visit London next year. Hug from Chile.

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