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Is British Weather Really That Bad?

In today’s video, I start by explaining the British mentality and attitude towards the weather and I answer the question: “Is the weather here as bad as people say?” I also do my best to share useful expressions and words you can use in small talk when talking English to new people.


  • It’s a scorcher today – It’s really hot
  • It’s a sweltering day – It’s uncomfortably hot
  • Boiling – It’s very hot (most common)
  • Stifling – It’s so hot it’s hard to breathe
  • Blistering heat – Intense, strong heat
  • Heatwave – A period of abnormally hot weather
  • To sun-bathe – To relax in the sun and get a tan
  • Sun tan – Darker skin because of the sun (I have a tan)
  • To tan – To make your skin darker in the sun (She’s tanning on the beach)
  • Tanned (adjective) – Describes someone which darker skin from being in the sun
  • Farmer’s tan – Someone who has tan lines on their arms, legs and neck because they never take off their shirt outside
  • It’s like a sauna in here / It’s like an oven in here – This room is too hot! 

Can you tell me about the weather in your country without using “hot” or “cold”?

2 thoughts on “Is British Weather Really That Bad?”

  1. Hello Michael. Beautiful views. My country, perhaps you know, is very large and in the same moment in the most Southern province we can have 10 degrees and the most Northern around 40 degrees, it is a scorcher weather there and some time you can feel that your blood is boiling. In my province, which is in the middle may be between 22 and 30 degrees and particularly in my city (La Plata City) that is very close to the “La Plata River” (Rio de La Plata), most the time Summer is unbearable and very humid and stifling.

    1. Hey Marcelo, thanks for watching! That’s a huge difference between north and south! I suppose it must be nice to be able to experience both without having to go abroad.

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