Greenwich Park

Why Greenwich Park is So Beautiful

Welcome back! Today I’m exploring the beautiful Greenwich park in London. I take a look around some of the historical sights, as well as things I’d recommend doing here. I hope you enjoy it! Your feedback always helps me with future videos and projects.


  • Overlooking – having a view of something below
  • To confine – keep or restrict someone or something within certain limitsin
  • Inscription – write or carve (words or symbols) on something
  • Excavate – To dig (often with big machinery)
  • Extensive – covering or affecting a large area
  • To tumble down – To fall down suddenly or for a long time
  • To prop up – to support, hold up, stop something from falling
  • Legacy – Something left behind by someone or something who has left or died (often like a gift to the world)
  • Arbitrary – random and not based on logic or reason


Where to find these places in the park (search the codes on Google Maps for exact locations)

  1. Deer viewing spot – F2G4+6V London
  2. Bandstand – F2G3+H5 London
  3. Roman Ruins – F2H3+8R Welling
  4. Queen Elizabeth Oak F2H2+6P London 
  5. Stunning view of Isle of Dogs and skyline -FXHX+4M London
  6. Meridian Line & Royal Observatory -FXGX+PQ London
  7. Burial mounds -FXGX+83 London
  8. Best picnic spot – FXGW+HG London

What was your favourite part of the park?

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