British Englishman Tea

A Day in the Life of an Englishman

I get a lot of requests to show a bit more about life in the UK, so here you go! I filmed a little video showing the day in the life of the average Englishman (or Brit, if you like). I’m also trying to share as many collocations as I can using the word “get”. Can you think of any more I missed?

Collocations with Get

  • Get a (splitting) headache
  • Get a joke
  • Get a cold
  • Get a tan
  • Get dressed
  • Get wet
  • Get together
  • Get a train
  • Get somewhere
  • Get angry
  • Get into trouble
  • Get the hint
  • Getting nowhere 
  • Get used to

If you have any problems with understanding the meanings of these phrases, leave a comment and let me know! I’ll be happy to help.

Can you think of anymore phrases with “get”?

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