Edinburgh Mountain Volcano

I Climbed a Volcano in Edinburgh - Outside English Lesson

I recently took a trip to Edinburgh – the capital of Scotland. It’s a beautiful city and I wanted to share a little bit of it today. The purpose of this video is to share some new English phrases, provide listening practice, and show you the beauty of this city.

We’ll begin by climbing a 350-400 million-year-old volcano, then exploring the town a bit and ending up in the boticancal gardens. Hope you enjoy!

Words and Phrases Mentioned in the Video

  • Dormant – Inactive, asleep
  • To lay dormant – To be inactive
  • A getaway – A short trip somewhere
  • To cross off – To remove an item from a list
  • Impervious – Unable to be damaged or affected by something
  • To do away with – To get rid of something, dispose of something
  • To stick around – To stay in one place for longer
  • Hub – A centre for a certain activity or thing (eg. retail hub, transport hub)
  • Worn out – Exhausted from physical exercise
  • To luck out – to have good luck
  • Plethora – A large number of something
  • Tranquil – Calm, peaceful

What place did you enjoy the most?

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