Q&A (Question and Answers) on a hike!

For the first time on YouTube, I decided to answer some of your questions while sat in a field! I hope you enjoy.

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Questions List

  1. What is it like living in the UK? (0:54)
  2. What is the worst part of being a teacher? (1:44)
  3. What annoys me in my country and what makes me proud? (2:50)
  4. What do I do to lift my mood when I’m feeling down? (4:40)
  5. How did I get into teaching? (5:52)
  6. What do I think of Americans? (7:02)
  7. How many languages am I learning? (7:48)
  8. How to get a visa for the UK? (8:47)
  9. How to get a British accent? (9:36)
  10.  How to get from intermediate to advanced levels? (10:54)

Have more questions? Let me know below and I’ll make a part 2!

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