Port Issac Doc Martin

Tour Around Port Issac (Doc Martin's Cornish Village)

Today we’re going on a virtual trip to Port Issac, Cornwall – a small historic fishing village that has recently become quite famous for being the place where the TV show Doc Martin was filmed. The village has centuries of history and is really beautiful. I hope you enjoy our walk around today and get some good listening practice for your English too.

New Vocabulary from the Video

Here are a list of some of the harder words I mentioned in the video.

  • Jagged – (adjective) Rough and sharp points sticking up
    The jagged rocks cut his feet.
  • Rugged – (adjective) Rocky and even ground
    The rugged coastline was difficult to traverse.
  • Blustery – (adjective) Strong winds
    It was a blustery day, so no good for umbrellas.
  • Breakwater – (noun) A barrier in the sea that protects the harbour from large waves and storms
  • Thoroughfare – (noun) a road or path joining two places
  • Peninsula – (noun) a piece of land almost surrounded by water, connected to the mainland by a small strip of land
  • Cove (noun) – A sheltered bay, where the sea pushes inland a bit
  • Hidden gem – (noun) a secret place that many people don’t know about but is beautiful
  • Sluggish – (adjective) Slow-moving, with a lack of energy
    He sluggishly made his way to work.

2nd Conditional

In the video, I used the second conditional: If I were a cow, I would live here.

If + past tense, + would/could/might + base form verb

If you were a cow, where would you want to live?

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