Louie the Cat

Life of a Cat in English - Sleeping & Eating Vocabulary

Today I’ll hand over to Teacher Louie to demonstrate some words related to sleeping, eating and exploring, since he’s the expert. I hope you enjoy this combination of cuteness and learn some new vocabulary from it!

Sleep Phrases

  • Catnap – A short nap in the day
  • Power nap – A short nap to regain energy
  • Recharge your batteries – To rest and get more energy
  • Hit the sack – To go to bed
  • Light sleeper – Someone who wakes up easily
  • Heavy sleeper – Someone who sleeps through all noises
  • Lie-in (noun) – Sleep later in the mornings
  • Sleep in (verb) – Sleep later in the mornings

Eat Phrases

  • To wolf down – To eat very quickly (same as “scarf down”)
  • Gobble up – To eat everything quickly
  • Stuff your face – To eat a lot of food greedily
  • Eat like a pig – To eat in a messy way

Explore Phrases

  • Wander around – to explore without a destination
  • Prowl – To sneak around (maybe to get prey)
  • The comings and goings – People entering and leaving a place

Do you have any fluffy friends? If not, what is your favourite animal?

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