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10 Words You Should Know for English Job Interviews

I share 5 adjectives to describe yourself and 5 verbs (+ a bonus one) to talk about your experience. All of these words are really useful for any job interview you have where you have to speak English. These words are also good for general workplaces and perhaps even everyday life. How do you think they could be useful in your life?

Vocabulary List


  1. Conscientious – Wanting to do one’s work well
  2. Self-disciplined – Able to work hard without being told to do it
  3. Reliable – someone you can trust and depend on
  4. Proactive – someone who fixes problems before they happen
  5. Diplomatic – someone who can manage people in a smart way


  1. To delegate – To give a task to another person
  2. To cooperate – to work well with others
  3. To carry out – to perform a task
  4. To accomplish – to successfully finish a task
  5. To further – to help something progress or develop
  6. To facilitate – make something happen more easily
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