Exploring Cambridge & Learning English

I took a day trip to the city of Cambridge, England to show you the sites, give you some listening practice and look at some new vocabulary. It was my first time in the city and it was so beautiful. I highly recommend a visit to anyone thinking about coming to England. Even if you can’t come, I hope you can satisfy your wanderlust with these beautiful sites.


A wealth of ____ – Many of _____, a large variety

Mill about – Moving or walking with no purpose

Renowned – Famous, well-talked about

To lie – Doesn’t need an object (Lie –> Lay –> Lain) – I lie down on the grass.

To lay – Needs an object (Lay –> Laid –> Laid) – The chicken lays eggs.

Sound – 1. Logical 2. Healthy, Strong 3. Great (slang)

Punt – A specific type of long, narrow boat

To punt (verb) – To kick something far away

Were any of these new for you?

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